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Prospective Students

International Graduate Program (IGP)

Please read carefully International Graduate Program and Application Guides page before you contact us.

We accept qualified international students, who may have little or no knowledge of the Japanese language, to enroll in master’s programs, doctoral programs, and Integrated Doctoral Education Programs conducted entirely in English. If you wish to join our lab and apply for IGP, a prior consent of the laboratory is required. Please refer to the following Schedule and Method.


IGP (C) : September Admission: Start from late January of the desired year of admission → We are currently accepting applicants. Scroll up for application instruction. 
IGP (C) : April Admission: Start from August of the previous year of desired year of admission
IGP (A) : September Admission: Start from Mid-September of the previous year of desired year of admission

* Please note that the application period at Suzuki laboratory is different from the university application period.


Details of the inquiry method will be announced on this website when the above schedule is reached.

For those who contact us according to the guidance method, we will reply to selected applicants after screening the documents.

There is a limit to the number of students we can accept, so we do not guarantee that all applicants will be replied to.

For those who wish to apply for IGP (B), please contact us by email at info@bmai.iir.titech.ac.jp with plenty of time.

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for Research Students (Embassy Recommendation)

For those who passed the First Screening of Japanese Government Scholarship application, please contact us by email. After that, you will fill this form out and send the form, application documents that have been stamped by the Japanese diplomatic mission, and the copy of a passing certificate of the first screening issued by the Japanese diplomatic mission to us.

Doctoral Degree Program (Working at Company/Institution)

Our laboratory welcomes an individual who is working at a company/institution to apply for and enroll in a doctoral program. Click here for the information on the Admission of Working Adults into Doctoral Degree Programs from the Tokyo Tech web site. You need to discuss your research plan with Prof. Suzuki before applying for a graduate program. (It will take 1-2 months to review and interact.) Please send your info, including your resume or CV, list of research records, list of publications, and research plan to infobmai.iir.titech.ac.jp.

To all international students, please take a look at this page as well.
Prospective Students

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at infobmai.iir.titech.ac.jp.
Please note that we may not be able to answer depending on the contents.

* Generally, we do not accept a research student and a short-term (< six months) visiting student. If you are seeking your graduate school, please apply for the International Graduate Program.

Accepting applicants 2024 Fall IGP(C) : Click here to read the application instruction   

Open: January 19, 2024; Close: March 15, 2024

Please note that the application period at Suzuki laboratory is different from the university application period.
Please prepare 1 Zip file, including
(1) CV
(2) University official transcript in PDF format
(3) Motivation and your future research plan
(4) List of publications (Mandatory for doctoral program)
(5) Electronic or scanned data of English proficiency test score (if applicable)
(6) Official GRE/Japanese Score Reports
(7) Other supporting materials
Please name all the documents with its corresponding index to the list above.
(eg.) 1_[YourName]_CV.pdf, 2_[YourName]_transcript.pdf.
The Zip filename is desirable to include your name.
(eg.) IGP_C_[YourName].zip

Submission method 1 (recommended):

Click here for submitting an application (Zip file) via Google Form online

Submission method 2 (alternative):

For those who do not have access to Google Form, please download and fill 24F_ExcelSubmissionForm out; and then send the form and the Zip file to us by email at info@bmai.iir.titech.ac.jp.

You will receive an acknowledgment email when we receive your registration information (generally within one week).

Please do not resend your registration form or send us an email unless we contact you for additional documents or information.

Available Positions

Currently there is no available position for Postdoctoral Researcher.

To apply for a position in our laboratory, please email infobmai.iir.titech.ac.jp with your resume or CV, a short description of your research interests, and names/contact information for references (if available).

Postdoctoral Researcher

Currently there is no available position for Postdoctoral Researcher

A Postdoctoral Researcher position is for a highly motivated individual who wants to develop or advance his/her academic career in the fields of artificial intelligence and deep learning in medical imaging. Our laboratory focuses on research on deep learning in medical imaging and computer-aided diagnosis of lesions in medical images and the development of new deep learning models, new deep learning techniques, and those for medical image processing and analysis. Our lab is among the first ones to develop deep learning for medical image processing and continues to do so in the past 20 years or so.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. in computer science/engineering, biomedical engineering, or a similar discipline. The successful candidate must have substantial experience in deep/machine learning in image processing, image analysis, and pattern recognition in medical imaging. The successful candidate must also have several to a dozen of first-author high-quality journal publications (with decent impact factors) in relevant fields, strong problem-solving and excellent collaboration skills as well as excellent programming skills in the computer languages of C/C++ and/or Python on platforms of Linux/Unix.

Visiting Scholar(Visiting Professor/Visiting Associate Professor)

We may accept Visiting Scholars who are planning to visit our laboratory over six months. Please be understood the following conditions to be our Visiting Scholar, and send an email to info@bmai.iir.titech.ac.jp with your CV, list of publications, research plan, plan of staying, proof of funding, and contact information for references (if available).

The scheme does not constitute an employment scheme, and due to this fact, visiting researchers are not entitled to salaries nor eligible for worker’s compensation insurance. We do not support any travel expenses or accommodations. Please prepare for all expenses during your stay in Japan.

Position Openings

We currently do not have any position openings.


Q1. Can I join the lab as a research student / visiting student?

Generally, we do not accept a non-degree-seeking student.
*Note that the “研究生” in Japanese has a different meaning from Chinese. The “研究生” means a non-degree-seeking student in Japanese, whereas it means a master degree student in Chinese.
If you are seeking your graduate school, please apply for the International Graduate Program.

Q2. Can I participate in the internship?

We don’t have a summer internship program.

Q3. Which department does Suzuki Lab belong to? Which graduate major can I select?

We belong to Department of Information and Communications Engineering, School of Engineering.
You can select either Information and Communication Engineering course or Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering course.
List of Graduate Majors

Q4. May I take the entrance examination which Japanese students take?

International students with Japanese proficiency may take their entrance examinations conducted in Japanese.
Explore Graduate Programs

Q5. I apply for IGP. Would you give me a consent email/letter?

We screen all applicants and only those who have passed the screening will be contacted and can go on to Suzuki Lab interviews, and only those who have passed the interviews can finally obtain consent letters.

Q6. Have I received the results of the selection yet?

Inquiries regarding the selection process of IGP/open recruitment will not be accepted because the selection process takes time due to the the large number of applications received.

Q7. Can I apply for doctoral course via IGP(A)?

We only accept Integrated Doctoral Education Program; a combined Master’s and Doctoral Program, and is considered to be one continuous course of study, which cannot be divided into two separate programs via IGP(A) in Department of Information and Communications Engineering, School of Engineering.
Please consider IGP(C) if you would like to apply for Doctoral course.

Q8. May I get the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for Graduates (University Recommendation)?

Only a very limited number of those who are accepted for the college entrance exam via IGP(A) will receive the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship (University Recommendation). Please understand that only a limited number of students will receive the scholarship.

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